The domain OMNIWORLD.COM is not for sale from Neal Kelsey or any of the web/domain marketing firms on the Internet. In particular, I have not listed this domain with SEDO.COM. The fact that it shows up there only indicates that it is an active domain, NOT that there is an arrangement with SEDO.COM.

Information about the domain

This web site and omniworld.com are not associated with nor do they have any relationship (personal, business, or otherwise) with Omniworld, Inc., Omniworld: USA, Inc., OmniworldTM, OmniworldŽ, Travel OmniworldTM, omniworldlittleinsurance.com, omniworld2000.com, oresco.com, orro.org, otio.com, otco.com, adomniworld.com, omniworldyp.com, omniworldclassified.com, travelomniworld.com, omniworldtravel.com, omniworldcomm.com, omniworldwebservices.com, omniworldwebservicesonline.com, omniworldhosting.com, omniworld.net, owso.com, omniworldfinance.com, ofso.com, ofso.net, ofso.org, omniworldcreditcard.com, omniworldcreditunion.com, omniworldfs.com, omtg.org, omniworldmortgage.com, omniworldrealtors.com, omniworldcentral.com, omni-world.com, omni-world.net, or omni-world.org.

Neal Kelsey registered OMNIWORLD.COM with Network Solutions on September 16, 1995. OMNIWORLD.COM was subsequently transferred to BulkRegister, LLC.